About Me

Short Profile Dr. Holger Engel:

  • Grown up in a small Medical Devices Environment
  • Ph.D. in Molecular Immunology, Braunschweig
  • 18 years Industry Experience with Development & Commercialization of Research Tools & In Vitro Diagnostics, especially starting new Application and Business Fields:
    • 13 Years QIAGEN, Hilden
    • 3 Years STAT-Dx (previously STAT-Diagnostica), Barcelona. Now owned by QIAGEN (QIAstatDx)
    • Since May 2017: Freelance Consultant, Hilden (Near Düsseldorf, Germany): Molecular Technologies, R&D & Strategy

Experiences & Skills:

  • Experiences from Senior Management Roles, Commercialized >100 Products, >20 Patents, involved in 13 M&A Projects
  • Make things work: Starting something from scratch – Overcoming the challenges & make things work
  • Experiences in bringing an IVD Start-Up to a successful Exit
  • Strategist: System View in Commercialization of new Technologies & Building new Business Areas – Identify key success factors – Dos and Don’ts
  • Product Design, Customer View & Market Access Strategies, Partnering, Technology Scouting, M&A Projects
  • Molecular Diagnostics:
    • (Multiplex) Infectious Disease, PCR & Immuno
    • Integrated Systems for Point-of Care Diagnostics
    • System View – Merging Reagents with Plastics and Automation
  • Manufacturing Strategy & Building Reagents Manufacturing Plants
  • Selection & Management of Suppliers and Outsourced Development & Manufacturing
  • Life Science: Academia, Applied Testing (Human Identity – Forensic, Veterinary Dx, Food Safety Testing, Biosafety, Environmental)

For more information on my professional background & experiences, please check my Linkedin profile: