Fast Multiplex Real-time PCR Integration

Integration of Real-time Multiplex PCR assays in diagnostic cartridges or consumables.


I have more than 20 years experiences in commercialization any type of PCR and Real-time PCR reagents & applications. My experience includes all stages from technology development of PCR and Real-time PCR, and (reverse trasncription) RT-PCR Master Mix Kits towards integration room-temperature stable ultra-fast multiplex real-time PCR assays into sample-to-result diagnostic assay cartridges and design of reliable, cost-effective and scalable manufacturing processes.

In detail this includes the following areas:

  • Getting to work any challenging Real-time PCR based application or workflow in standard plates but especially also in novel integrated consumable cartridges or other devices
  • Any type of Multiplex (RT-)PCR
  • Fast Multiplex PCR, Fast Real-time Multiplex PCR, Fast Real-time Multiplex RT-PCR
  • Support of R&D teams in overcoming technical challenges – help with technical know-how, experimental design, component selection, result interpretation, project management, coaching the team
  • Consulting for effective design-to-manufacture
  • Requirements & Specifications Management
  • Selection of suitable components & partners, balancing technical, cost, quality and marketing needs
  • Support in design & implementation of reliable, scalable, validatable (typically ISO13485) and cost effective manufacturing processes
  • Support in developing specifications & specifying customized materials and manufacturing equipment
  • Management of suppliers & outsourced activities